Interested in partnering with us for the 2018 International Star Class World Championship?

The Tred Avon Yacht Club and the Eastern Shore Star Fleet have been selected to host the International Star Class World Championship in Oxford, Maryland USA during October of 2018. This championship is not only the most prestigious event the International Star Class has to offer, but is also one of the most significant and competitive events in the entire sport of sailing. The Organizing Committee, on behalf of the Tred Avon Yacht Club and the Eastern Shore Star Fleet, invites you to become involved with and participate in our event by sponsoring the 2018 International Star Class World Championship.

Hosting such an event provides a variety of business opportunities that the host yacht club and star fleet would like to share with your company and surrounding communities. With your support, we seek to plan and run a high quality, unforgettable event for competitors.

In exchange for your support, the we have prepared several offerings for you outlined in the following packet. Additionally, sample promotional items from past events are included to provide a better understanding of the offerings and benefits of becoming a sponsor.

If you have any questions regarding our sponsor ship packages and to sign up, please contact Sponsorship Chair Susan Devlin at sdevlin80@gmail.com. We look forward to having your company as a sponsor of this exciting event!