Boat Charters

For boat charters, please contact:

Arthur Anosov
+1 641-204-0607


Measurement will be available October 5 through October 7, 2018 from 0900 to 1700 by appointment. During these hours, measurement personnel will be in the yard and available to check required gear. When ready for your measurement the yard crew will move your boat to the measurement area. Before moving have the boat ready for weigh-in. Bring spare masts with you. Sails can be brought to the measurement area with the boat or whenever you are ready and sail measurement team is idle. Crew weigh-in will be arranged at the registration desk.

Overseas Boat Shipping

Nancy Christensen
Shipping Contact
415-307-4979 | shipitnancy@gmail.com


Domestic Boat Shipping

Rick Peters
Shipping Contact
310-720-2577 | starboatguy@aol.com

Miami to Oxford -$1500 one way or $3000 Round trip
West coast to Oxford/return/Miami - please call for quote and availablity. 

Boat Storage

All trailers will be stored on TAYC’s premises and no on-site parking will be available. Nearby street parking is extremely limited and parking is tight for Oxford residents and businesses. We ask all participants to use the Event Parking sites between October 5 and the conclusion.

Boats and trailers will be assigned a space number upon arrival. Spaces will be marked out and help will be available upon arrival to move your trailer to its assigned space. On-site trailer parking will become available on Monday, September 24, 2018. Boats arriving on or after September 24, 2018 should come directly to the club and place your trailer in your assigned space. Help will be available from 0900 to 1700 to guide you. If you arrive outside these hours, place a tag on your trailer with skipper name and sail number. Our grounds crew will move you to your assigned space the following day.

Boats arriving prior to September 24, 2018 may store the boat at one of our local marinas. See Yacht Services under the Visitors tab. Campbell’s Bachelor Point Marina has generously offered to store your boat indoors as space is available during the period August 20 through September 24, 2018 at no charge. TAYC/Eastern Shore Star Fleet volunteers familiar with transporting Stars will move boats stored at Bachelor Point to their assigned space at TAYC on September 23 and 24. The trip from Bachelor Point to TAYC is approximately one mile under a 25 mph speed limit through the town of Oxford. If you plan to deliver your Star early, please notify John Devlin, Logistics Coordinator at 2018starworlds.logistics@gmail.com stating expected arrival date and time and he will arrange for someone to be available at Bachelors Point to direct you. Assistance will be available from 0900 to 1900 daily. If you arrive outside those hours, park your trailer out of the way and tag your trailer tongue with skipper’s name and sail number. It will be moved to a storage space by TAYC volunteers the following day as directed by the yard management.

Launch & Haul

Instructions for launching and hauling procedures during the event will be available in your registration packet upon arrival.